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Our Home


We live in a two story home in Queens, New York, in Valerie’s childhood home. The house has three bedrooms, with a bedroom set aside for a little one, and a nice backyard. We live in a family-oriented community in the suburbs that is quick car ride to Manhattan or Long Island. We have a three year old cat named Bodhi, who is incredibly affectionate and likes to lay with us while we watch movies. The neighborhood is a quiet and charming residential community of home owners and multi-generational families. The streets are all lined with trees and the homes are well cared for by their owners.

Valerie grew up with many of the people who still live on our block and she knows most of our neighbors by name. We live close to shopping and transportation, wonderful parks, restaurants, pools, and recreation. We are so happy and excited at the possibility of bringing a baby to our home, which is filled with love and tons of happy memories. We are looking forward to creating new family traditions and memories with the baby we adopt in this home.

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Friends and Family

Nieces and Nephews

Valerie is very close to her sister and her family. She was an aunt at the age of eight and she grew up spending a lot of time at her sister’s home, watching her niece and nephews. Because of this they still feel very close to her and she feels the same about them. She loves her family’s traditions and celebrates them whenever we can. A birthday isn’t complete in our family until you have had a specially prepared meal, “happy birthday” sung to you and candles are blown out on a cake.  Holidays are always shared with both our friends and family, because we always take time to celebrate with those we love. 

Paul’s mom lives in New York City, and we often visit her and go to shows with her and try new restaurants.  She is very excited about being a grandmother since Paul is an only child. Paul’s godmother was the officiant at our wedding and we are both really close to her and her family. Like us, she is a huge science fiction geek, and loves Star Trek in particular. Two of his oldest and best friends stood with him at the wedding. He loves having his friends over to play board games and cards, and just hanging out and eating pizza. We also all get together to go to the movies, especially the Marvel movies, and support his friends in their creative passions.     

Paul and his grooms women
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