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About Valerie

 By Paul

Valerie is a traveling vision teacher, and loves her job because she gets to help children. She visits her students in their individual schools, which means she is on the road a lot. Val loves to bake, do projects around the house and has recently started to garden. You should see how she refinishes furniture, she makes them look brand new. Baking for holidays and our friends makes Val so happy – she looks for new and exciting recipes for the most delicious desserts.  

What makes Valerie really happy?  Science fiction, celebrating the holidays, and traveling. During Christmas our home becomes a winter wonderland. Our house is filled with decorations, the smell of cookies, pie and friends and family. As a caretaker to both her parents Val provided love and care for them before they passed away. Family means so much to her.  She has a close relationship with her sister and her nieces, nephews, and cousins. Valerie is someone who always tries to look at things in a positive light. She is warm, funny, and very insightful. She has lots of love to give a child. 

About Paul

 By Valerie

Paul is currently working from home and this gives him flexibility in his schedule to be a hands-on dad. He loves to cook and read books, comics, and manga. He would really like to be able to share his love of comics with a son or daughter. When I'm working during the school year he often makes dinner while we talk about our day. Making new sauces and experimenting with spices are things that really excite him in the kitchen, which can be tricky for me because I can’t handle anything even remotely spicy.  


He is also really into movies, which is a passion he shares with me. We often do movie marathons on the weekends and he finds most of the movies we watch. This is one of the things that brought us closer together when we were friends as he and I were always up for almost any weird movie he wanted to check out.  He has close relationships with family, and has a close knit circle of friends. Paul is thoughtful and caring, and always there for those he cares about. He lost his father when he was very young, and wants to be there for a child in ways his father couldn’t be there for him. 

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